Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Random Ramblings - 12/12

So, yeah, no posts in a day and a half. I had a thing going there for a while where I posted everyday. Not gonna happen this week. Got lots of stuff to do. But if I may go back to the Nets game for a moment...

When I saw the Stevenson dunk about to happen as he came down the court, his face said he was going to dunk the ball. He knew RJ might catch up with him but dude, when he took that ball strong to the hole....we have this.

Roger Mason Jr actually hit shots in the Nets game, and then goes off for 17 versus Minny. Sweet.

We've got Miami up next, which will not be easy, not without Gil. I think that as long as someone, maybe Stevenson, can stay in front of DWade we'll have a chance.

Look for a big game out of Haywood, he always has big games when people count him out and I'm sure that, being a national game, the talking heads will doubt that he will be able to handle Shaq. But watch out. I'd say he gets a double-double easy.

We broke the Miami losing streak last year, but we had Gil at that time. We need not to underestimate this Miami team. They may be stinkers at 6-15 right now, but anything can happen when Shaq and DWade are on the floor. We should be ok on defense, I think our strategy of switching will work with Miami because I don't think their other scorers will kill us. We should be able to dominate the boards on both ends of the floor as well.

So while I was not blogging, I was missing the Blog Show debut of Domi.Nick (by the way, Dominic seems to be getting into rhythm in the games, which is nice, I was beginning to get frustrated) and more amazing things about the Wizards.

Bullets Forever had a birthday
. Happy birthday. Beers are on you :)


They figured out why we are better.

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