Monday, December 10, 2007

Five reasons why some people, and the Wizards, are awesome

I'll probably have a recap/follow-up/post-op of last nights game up later today (including an Agent Steinz sighting). I was at the game last night, and I have some thoughts concerning why some people, and the Wizards, are awesome. Thus...

1. They surprise you when you least expect it.
2. They win (I win! One to nuthin'!).
3. For 2.5 hours during a game, they help you escape from real life.
4. They make me dinner.
5. They don't ask for anything in return, just some lovin'.

I wax poetic because at this time, when I am usually at work, I am at home. Friday was my last day at work as I am going to be attending Graduate School in sunny San Diego in January (don't worry, this internets lets you blog from anywhere). I celebrated this weekend, and as I mentioned above, it was awesome, and it was capped off with a super Wiz win on Sunday. Anyway, when I woke up I just felt like blogging about the good things. That's all. I hope you can all sit back and just enjoy being a Wizards fan, cause as you can see, it has its rewards.

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