Monday, February 25, 2008

Big Win in the Big Easy

The Wizards pulled off their second win in a row, versus the Western powerhouse Hornets no less, after a buzzer beater by DeShawn Stevenson. I have to say, the entire game I kept saying, if we stay in this, someone will hit a shot at the buzzer. Sure enough, we did. I have to be honest, I did not really expect Stevenson to hit that shot. He had clanked 3 off the rim prior to that, but he did hit it, and the Wizards top the #2 team in the Western Conference.

I've always felt more comfortable being just behind the whole game. The Wizards can seem to never hold a lead, but if we can snatch it with a few minutes left, that usually seems to work.

We were pretty sloppy on both of the floor early in the game. Your usual lazy defense with an offense that looks like it was designed to stand around. But I bet EJ gave them a talking to at halftime and they buckled down on D and put together some nice runs on offense.

I'm glad we got the win, but it sure as hell wasn't pretty. Here's to hoping we can top Houston on the tail end of this little back to back!

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Phew! (That was awesome)

That was close. Just got back from the Wizards/Clippers game in LA, it's 12AM, and I'm tired. However, I must get down a few quick notes about my first full and first live Wizards game in a little more than a month (yes, it HAS been tough).

- We had a lot of steals in the first quarter, we looked like we did two years ago.
- McGuire can jump really, really, REALLY high.
- The BEAST was back.
- The Clippers can be either really bad or really good, depending on the dilation of Sam Cassell's eyeballs.
- This was another game that should have been in the can early, but once again, we let the lead slip away.
- I noticed we hadn't even hit the 70 mark by the 4th quarter and was amazed once again that we scored 70 in ONE HALF versus the Warriors (and even more so cannot believe we lost that game...ugh).

YAY! WE WON! Glad we are not taking a losing streak into the all-star break.

Much more to come tomorrow (or later today, depending on how you look at it).

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

What, how, wait....but?!?!??!? Ohhhhhhhhhhh.

I can't believe we lost that game. Up until the last few minutes, the title of this post was going to be "Where Did That Come From," referencing the huge first half. But no, the Wiz had to go and throw it away at the end, wasting a 70 point first half in the last few minutes, losing the game AND ruining what was sure to be an awesome blog post.

It was like we couldn't miss in the first half and all the Warriors could do was rim out. Then, as expected, the Warriors start hitting shots. The lead dwindles, and before you know it, DeShawn Stevenson is brickin' ugly layups and jackin' terrible 3's while Stephen Jackson saves the Warriors, hitting a clutch 3 off a rebounded free throw. How do you not box out there?

Why is Stevenson taking shots in the clutch? He obviously wasn't shooting well, going 5-18 in a little over 40 minutes? I understand why he took the last shot, but all those others? The better option is Nick Young with a spin move in the lane? I know we have lots of injuries, but either Eddie Jordan had nothin' left or no one was listening. They made soooo many mistakes at the end. They lost their hustle and as a result, they lost the game.

We need help. Like now.

On a happier note, Gil reiterated his comeback schedule during a half-time interview as well as mentioned this fantastic blog, stating he'd come back, "once he gets his swogger back".

Note: The latter half of the above statement is a complete and utter lie made up by the author because he felt like it. In fact, Gil only mentioned needing his trademark, "swagger," back, which in no way is a reference to me or this blog, as I had implied above.