Monday, February 25, 2008

Big Win in the Big Easy

The Wizards pulled off their second win in a row, versus the Western powerhouse Hornets no less, after a buzzer beater by DeShawn Stevenson. I have to say, the entire game I kept saying, if we stay in this, someone will hit a shot at the buzzer. Sure enough, we did. I have to be honest, I did not really expect Stevenson to hit that shot. He had clanked 3 off the rim prior to that, but he did hit it, and the Wizards top the #2 team in the Western Conference.

I've always felt more comfortable being just behind the whole game. The Wizards can seem to never hold a lead, but if we can snatch it with a few minutes left, that usually seems to work.

We were pretty sloppy on both of the floor early in the game. Your usual lazy defense with an offense that looks like it was designed to stand around. But I bet EJ gave them a talking to at halftime and they buckled down on D and put together some nice runs on offense.

I'm glad we got the win, but it sure as hell wasn't pretty. Here's to hoping we can top Houston on the tail end of this little back to back!

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