Thursday, February 14, 2008

Phew! (That was awesome)

That was close. Just got back from the Wizards/Clippers game in LA, it's 12AM, and I'm tired. However, I must get down a few quick notes about my first full and first live Wizards game in a little more than a month (yes, it HAS been tough).

- We had a lot of steals in the first quarter, we looked like we did two years ago.
- McGuire can jump really, really, REALLY high.
- The BEAST was back.
- The Clippers can be either really bad or really good, depending on the dilation of Sam Cassell's eyeballs.
- This was another game that should have been in the can early, but once again, we let the lead slip away.
- I noticed we hadn't even hit the 70 mark by the 4th quarter and was amazed once again that we scored 70 in ONE HALF versus the Warriors (and even more so cannot believe we lost that game...ugh).

YAY! WE WON! Glad we are not taking a losing streak into the all-star break.

Much more to come tomorrow (or later today, depending on how you look at it).

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