Thursday, April 3, 2008

Save A Life in Less than a Minute

Nothing But Nets is a non-profit group that sends bed-nets to Africa to help prevent malaria, a deadly disease that has killed millions of people in Africa and elsewhere (Rick Reilly of ESPN did a piece on the organization a few years ago). You can find out more about what they do below, but first, let me get straight to the point. You can have one of these nets sent in your name for taking the time to tell them your email and confirming it. You will get signed up for their emails and their "NETwork" but I think that is a very small price to pay. It seriously takes no effort.

You go to THIS SITE and you can either play the neat little game they offer, or skip straight to the email part, you're call. It can take you literally 10 seconds. Once you fill it out, you'll get an email with a confirmation you have to click, which will bring you to a page where they thank you. Real simple. If that link doesn't work for some reason, go here and scroll to the bottom to play the game (you can still skip it).

As of right now, only 743 people have done this. I say we should be able to easily get another thousand if we spread the word out. This runs until April 25 (five days after the playoffs start), which is also World Malaria Day. is their main page, check it out for all the information you need.

If you have made it this far, I'll say a few words about the program. It is a GREAT way to help people, but this is only preventative. This saves lives by keeping the mosquitoes away from people while they are under the net, while they are sleeping. There are those out there that are working towards a vaccine, such as, our government.

Play A Game. Send a Net. Save a Life.

PS - If you're wondering why this is on an a blog about the Wizards and the NBA, NothingButNets is part of the NBA Cares network. That is how I found out about them.

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