Sunday, April 6, 2008

Random Ramblings - Monday 4/7

  • KD hits a monster 3-pointer from about 5 feet behind the arc to send the Seattle/Denver game into double-overtime, where the Sonics eventually beat out the worn down Nuggets. It was a fun to watch high scoring affair. Great to the see the Sonics get a win on their home floor. Not that it wasn't important already, but that upcoming Warriors/Nuggets game at Oracle on Thursday is gonna be HUGE if the see-saw action keeps up this way.

  • According to Ivan Carter of the Washington Post, Jamison should be back to play the Celtics on Wednesday at the Phone Booth. Good thing, cause he's been our MVP this season.
  • Round and round we go, who we'll play in the playoffs, no one (not even the all knowing Ivan Carter) knows. Cleveland has lost two in a row. We could snatch home court advantage from them with a strong finish.
  • After the season, maybe Nick Young and D-Mac can get a place out here. You know, on the cheap. This way they ain't snatching fur coats from Gil's closet no more.
  • While watching both Kansas AND the Wizards game on Saturday (wow, impressive) Truthaboutit speaks the truth about the Bulls..."Their future once looked so bright."
  • Boston will most likely be benching their starters for the game on Wednesday. In a bold move, Doc Rivers is going to rest the bench as well. Wednesday's lineup:

  • Lastly, if you have not gone ahead and provided your email to have a mosquito preventing bed-net sent on your behalf by NothingbutNets, please do so HERE. It's free and easy. Just to clarify, I get absolutely nothing out of this. No referring anything is embedded in the link.

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