Thursday, November 8, 2007

We get it, the Celtics are good

Can we PLEASE stop talking about the Celtics? I was afraid this over coverage might happen. Every site I go to is Celtics this and Celtics that. STOP! We get it, they're really, really, REALLY good. Now, I know the various Celtics Blogs (including the aptly named CelticsBlog) are going to be doing this throughout the season, but we don't need it from everyone else. Yes, some people have touched on the other awesome stories around the NBA, like the Hawks starting strong(from the Boston Herald, of all places), the Hornets finally showing what they can do, and even my ex, the Knicks, doing good things, but for the most part the Celtics are everywhere. Just go to BallHype and check out the NBA section. When I got in to work this morning and my RSS feeds all came in, all the general NBA blogs were either talking about the Celtics or linking to the stories elsewhere. At least Henry Abbot over at TrueHoop hasn't jumped on the bandwagon (yet).

Look, I am all for the revival of the Celtics, but can we stick to just a few stories a day? Do we have to make such a big deal out of it? I mean, did you think the PGA tour (my fav nickname) was gonna be BAD? Of course not. Some thought they may take time to gel, but that didn't happen. They are awesome out the gate. Lets give thim their due credit and move on please.

Instead, lets talk about Amare buying his 4th house, straight cash. Or about Scott Skiles, the dictator(hockey assist to RealGM).

PS - I know this isn't gonna happen, but thanks for listening anyway.

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