Monday, November 19, 2007

Oleksiy Pecherov at the Grocery Store...?

I was walking in to my local Shoppers grocery store in Northern Virginia and I noticed a really tall guy on crutches coming towards me. He seemed to have a cast on his foot, but I only recall thinking, "Damn, he's tall." (FYI: I am 6'3" myself, so for me to see a taller person is already strange). Then I keep staring, and it is none other than Oleksiy Pecherov. I continue to stare, like an idiot, as he walks past me out the door. He turns around to take measure of the weird guy staring at him and I say, "Hey, good luck this year." (I know, I have the quickest of wit). What he was doing at the cheapy cheap grocery store in Northern Virginia at around 6 in the evening, I have no idea (I was getting stuff to bake cookies, you needed to know this). Doesn't he make enough to shop at Harris Teeter or Whole Foods? Or maybe pay someone to do it for him? Perhaps he ran out of milk and sugar, or maybe he needed some meat for his Beef Stroganov (don't forget some potatoes!). He seemed to know someone behind the counter, as he was giving his regards in Russian as he walked out. If anyone has some inside knowledge, feel free to share.

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Steve said...

Dan, Time to share your cookie recipes. They should become classics, like Mama Stanberg's cranberry horseradish relish at Thanksgiving time.