Friday, November 16, 2007

Don't Tease Me

Ok, for all 3 readers of this blog, you need to know that I was not always a Wizards fan. I adopted them when I broke up with the Knicks a few years back. I'm originally from NY and was raised a Knick fan. Perhaps I can talk more about it another time, but first, to the link. Found this (Newsday) via SLAM Online.

"If the Knicks return home with a 2-7 record after this four-game West Coast swing, which continues tonight in Sacramento against the Kings, a change may be inevitable. Dolan is said to have already lost his patience with the poor start."

Man, oh man, oh MAN! If only...but something tells me that yet again, the NY press is taking another story out of context. I can hope. Right?

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