Thursday, November 29, 2007

NBA Survey Follow-up

Following up my post here, I received an email from the NBA Fan Forum (ok, ok, it was a "Newsletter"). It contained many items, the contents of which I will share with you here.

The first part of the newsletter contained anonymous quotes from forum members. Below are some of those quotes with my own snide, witty comments following:
  • “Because I have been a fan of the NBA since I was 10 and I am now 48. I like the opportunity to give my opinions and input. I want to keep it a respectable, fun sport for all to enjoy.”
In English: Because I am older, I know how basketball should be played. I know how it should be marketed. Listen to me! Stop the hip-hoppiness!
  • “As a long time basketball fan, I feel my insights into the NBA might be helpful in improving your product for the average fan.”
Also stated: I am all-knowing. My words are your divine guidance and you shall obey henceforth.
  • “Even though I’m not a ‘normal’ fan base person (female, aged 60), I am a rabid basketball fan…and I’d like to believe my opinions count for something.”
David Stern's (fictional) response: "They do not, I only care about the opinions of my owners (except Cuban, that bastard) and other white, rich, elitists whom I believe will pay big money for advertising in my league as well as help solidify my position as greatest commissioner of any sport, ever.*

The next two pieces of the newsletter told us, the NBA Fan Forum membership, that we helped name the new, free NBA insider like program called "NBA All Access". Note: No Ahmad Rashad. Check that out here: We of the forum also voted on prizes for voting for all stars and the winner was, GASP, a set of two season tickets. Big new, big news.

Now, here is where it starts to get (somewhat) good. I'm a fan of surveys that gauge public opinion in the least statistically relevant way possible, and in that light, I present to you results of who the forum participants pick as recipients of major awards (quoted directly from the survey):

  • The top choice for MVP was Kevin Garnett (21%), followed by LeBron James (14%), Steve Nash (12%), Kobe Bryant (11%) and Tim Duncan (9%).
  • The Defensive Player of the Year award results were closer with the top choices being Bruce Bowen (13%), Kevin Garnett (13%), Dwight Howard (11%), Ben Wallace (10%), Marcus Camby (10%) and Tim Duncan (10%).
  • Manu Ginobili (34%) was, by far, the top choice for the NBA Sixth Man of the Year award. The next closest players chosen were Leandro Barbosa (14%), Boris Diaw (4%), David Lee (4%) and Andres Nocioni (4%).
Now, I can't totally make fun of the survey, as the last section provides information on who is taking the survey, which I think is quite interesting (really).
  • Age: Panelists are spread throughout different age groups from 13-17 year olds (1,174 panelists) to 18-34 year olds (5,401) to 35-54 year olds (4,452) to 55+ year olds (1,281).
  • Gender: There are 8,205 male and 4,103 female panelists.
  • Favorite team: The panel includes fans of teams across the league such as the Lakers (1,626), Suns (1,024), Pistons (941), Spurs (916), Heat (778), Mavericks (755), Bulls (693), Knicks (530), Rockets (431), Cavaliers (405), Nuggets (374), Celtics (355), Nets (306), Wizards (249) and Kings (248).
  • NBA attendance: While one-third of the panel (4,364) did not attend a game last season, 1,178 panelists said that they attended more than 20 NBA games. Ten percent of the panel said that they are a full (703) or partial (565) season ticket holder.
  • WNBA habits: There are many WNBA fans too as 2,470 panelists said that they frequently watch WNBA games on TV and 618 said that they frequently attend WNBA games.
  • Basketball participation: 4,008 panelists said that they play basketball frequently (once a week or more), while 5,115 play less than once a week and 3,185 did not play basketball last year.
So, what have we learned? No one watches the WNBA, no matter how many survey stuffers the NBA employs.

*It should be noted that I think Stern has done a fantastic job running the league for the past million years or so but I think it's time for him to step down. Sometimes fresh perspective is hte best thing that can happen to an organization as large as the NBA. I make fun only because I care.

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