Tuesday, November 27, 2007

NBA Referee Survey

So I'm on the NBA Fan Forum panel that gets surveys in the mail every now and again. I'm not totally sure how I got invited to join the program, but you get these survey requests about various NBA related topics. ANYWAY. The survey invitation I got this morning was about referees and asked for a my opinion on NBA trustworthiness compared to other professional sports leagues (including boxing...). It also asked lots of other questions, including ones about gambling and how I felt about the whole thing, if I thought it was isolated (I do) or if I think gambling among refs is a problem in general (I don't). Anyway, the space I liked most was where you could make a suggestion, here was mine:

We know that they review tapes after games, (now they even get a super duper projector) how about if they prepared a report on calls they thought were close and were protested, but were called correctly, as well as calls they may have missed, and released it to the press? Maybe there could even be video to go along with it? During the playoffs, I would be willing to accept a delay in the report, given the circumstances.

Anyway, I'm not sure that would be a good permanent solution, but I think that some discussion with active referees, with the game still fresh in their mind, can be helpful. That's just me.

PS - I think the results, or at least some of them, should be released. Court Reporters, get on it.

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