Monday, November 26, 2007

Mavericks Postgame, Initial Reaction

Wow, big win tonight. Caron hits 5 3's (new career high), the last of which was in the last few seconds of the game, during garbage time. He finished with 35 points. That's 3 in a row where Caron has absolutely picked up the slack. He missed 4 shots all night. Stupendous.

Jamison took over as the closer in the game, at one point dashing though the middle to get his own rebound on a missed free throw (I'm sure Avery was happy about that, thought they didn't show him on the sideline).

Defense was pretty good. I saw a lot of great rotations, and lots of hands in faces. Everyone pretty much stuck to their assignment and we held the Mavs to under 40% shooting. The Mavs have now lost their 3rd in a row.

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