Monday, November 12, 2007

I hate Boston too, but this is ridiculous

Found this over at CelticsBlog (via BallHype), un-friggin-believable. Go to the site for more.

  • The Celtics lead the league in point differential at +18.0 ppg (next closest is 11 ppg)
  • However, the defense is tops in the league on a FG % basis giving up a stingy 39.8% per game! (that's crazy)
  • Oh and to compliment the defensive prowess, the offense ranks 7th in the league in points per game, but is the top shooting team, making 54.5% of their attempts (also crazy).
  • The PGA tour is among the top 20 in ppg.
  • Ray Allen is 2nd in the NBA in FG % at 63% - which is unbelievable for a perimeter player. And KG isn't that far behind at 6th.

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